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Recycling Center in Providence, Rhode Island

Turn your scrap metal into cool, hard cash at Metal Services, a full-service recycling center in Providence, Rhode Island. Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel–we accept all types of metal. No load is too big or too small.

Scrap Dragon™
What sets Metal Services apart from other recycling centers, aside from our generous payouts, of course, is Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon makes recycling a cinch. Simply place your sorted recyclables on the Scrap Dragon scale and the machine will print out a reciept of your weight and simply turn that in for your cash.

Quality You Can Depend On
Metal Services offers a level of professional, personalized service you simply won't find anywhere else. Due to our expertise and our efficiencies, including our high volumes and contacts with mills throughout the world, we are able to offer you the highest return for your scrap metal.

The Metal Services Advantage:

• Walk-In Services
• High Payouts
• Scrap Dragon
• Truck Scales
Metal, Recycling Center in Providence, RI

Contact our recycling center in Providence, Rhode Island, at (401) 751-3400 to learn more about our convenient services.

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